3 Simple Tricks to Keeping your Skirting Board Clean

When my grandma comes come to my clean room, she would with inspecting my skirting boards. I used to feel offended initially, but now, I am very comfortable with this behaviour. Since I learned how to clean my skirtingboards, I am not nervous of room inspection.

These are the tricks I have learned over the years to keep my room sparkling clean, from the floor to the wall. I bet they will be of use to you too.

  • Wet wipes
  • Wet wipes have saved many lives in the housecleaning department. The convenience that comes with them is amazing. You do not need to carry water in one hand and a mop or cloth on the other. This is a one time tool that will clean faster. However, they have a disadvantage in disposal. They are not recyclable and so might need to buy a few more each time you clean the skirtingboards.

  • Sponge and soapy water
  • Skirting boards have the tendency of trapping dust. Cleaning the crevices of the skirting boards while cleaning the floor at the same time, is a difficult task. Since a vacuum cleaner may not necessarily bend and clean it well, a sponge becomes an easy alternative. The sponge also absorbs water and avoids any form of water dripping on your floor.

  • Thick tissue and spray
  • Thick tissues such as paper towels are applicable here. Using them is easier than the sponge and water thing. A spray is easy to hold and operate. You just have to direct the spray nozzle to the dusty part and allow the towel to clean it up. This is quite easy and simple.

Cleaning rooms may be so tiring, especially when you finish and your skirting board still looks dirty. Take these tricks, you can call them skirting boards hack, and turn that room into a dust free zone.